New Appointment length options and price structure.

2022 saw follow up appointment times changed from 60 mins to 45 mins instead of a price increase in line with the significant increase in overheads due to energy cost rises.

As you can imagine energy consumption in the clinic more than doubles over the winter months as it has to be warm for patient comfort. As a result my energy bill has more than quadrupled.

A number of people have requested 60 & 90 minute appointments, particularly 60 minute appointments and am happy to pay for the privilege.

As a result I have incorporated a 60 mins appointment slot and the initial appointment will be 90 mins.

Types of Appointments & Pricing

Initial Appointment – 90 mins – £75

This appointment is for those making an appointment for the first time with Lizelle. It involves a thorough assessment followed by a treatment and if necessary an exercise plan will be developed and provided.

Follow Up Appointment – 60 mins – £65

This option allows for a re-assessment if necessary and also for those of you who feel a 60 minute appointment is more beneficial. If you already have an exercise plan this can be reviewed and updated.

Follow Up Appointment – 45 mins – £55

This appointment is ideally suited to those on a regular maintenance programme. There may not be time to assess additional aches and pains that have developed between sessions but an effort will most certainly be made to address any.

Existing patients attending appointments regularly don’t need to do anything as the changes won’t affect your appointment length or cost.

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